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Whether you're just starting out or wanting to move on to the next level, our customized coaching, detailed training programs, and group training access fit every athlete's unique needs.
Our stuff works! Guaranteed.

"My experience with being coached by Ultra Expeditions has been nothing but a life-changing experience. With that said, you have the option to follow a generic training plan online and run on your own (and perhaps, get more injuries or hit the wall sooner), or you can get the guidance from an expert who not only is experienced in running, and can customize your running plan especially for you, but also will be there to keep you motivated you through some of the dark times and help you become the best that you can be."  

~Kim H
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Secret #1: Why you are not improving?
We provide a customized experience to each athlete that is both knowledge and experience based according to the individual. By utilizing proven programming and learning the unique personality of each athlete, we help our athletes to see improvement week after week instead of remaining stagnant. 
Secret #2: Check'ins to provide serious accountability.
Depending on the plan that is best for you, you not only will have exclusive access to our coaches, but we will be calling and emailing frequently to provide the accountability needed to produce serious motivation!
Secret #3: RESULTS
If you invest in yourself and put in the work, results will follow. You work hard for your money. Put it towards what really matters, yourself. We will be with you every step of the way helping you become the best you.
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